So, another blog post that was well overdue. I do have an excuse, and that is that life has been incredibly busy! I never guaranteed having regular content, but it’s been a long time since I've had a chance to sit down, relax, and reflect on different areas in my life.

This blog post is dedicated to the idea of movement, specifically about physical movement. You might be asking yourself, “Why would Jake be talking about that?” Well, it’s simple. It’s all about movement, and how lately I've been feeling a lack of it! I don’t need to go into the science of why movement is good for you or how it will dramatically improve your wellness. That’s pretty much a given considering the amount of literature available that discusses this. The problem is, many people don’t know how they can improve movement in their daily lives. So this blog post will be dedicated to how I will be working on moving more often.

Physical Activities - I just signed up to join a casual Kickball team league put on by Agassiz Athletics! I am actually a captain for Team 4 and we’ll be playing every Wednesday night from middle of May through Middle of July! By joining in a league, I am meeting new people, having some good old fashion fun, and I am moving once I kick the ball! If you’re interested in participating, you can sign up through the Eventbrite site! Also not to mention, I picked up a Tennis Racket the other day on a Fun Stroll, so I'll be looking to play some Tennis and learn about it!

The day I received it!

The day I received it!

Fitbit/Microsoft Band/Activity Trackers - I wear a Fitbit Surge every day. It does a lot of things, like tracking steps, mileage, estimated calorie output, time, and more. Just by wearing this device and committing money, it has made me aware of how much movement in general I have done for the day. Fitbit’s default goals are 10,000 steps, which approximately is about 5 miles of physical traveling. That might seem like a lot, but what I found is that it’s about 60/70 steps from my desk to the break room (for those coffee/tea refills!). The realization I had when I thought “Well, how many steps is it to my coworker’s desk?” and that made me happy to start walking around the office more. Not only does it give me more facetime with coworkers, it gets me up and out of my desk, gaining more steps to keep on my goals. If you don’t want to invest in a fitness wearable, Google has Google Fit app that uses your phone and iPhone has its own related application for it as well!

Biking - This spring/summer/fall, I will be making a commitment to bike around as much as I can! If I don’t specifically need a car to travel, I will be planning on riding my bike. By riding my bike to places, this will get me some physical time that contributes to the paragraph above and save me on gas money! Fargo has many great bike shops (or so I hear) so if you invest in a decent bike, your riding experience can drastically improve! This also opens up biking related activities, such as biking around town, going downhill on Detroit Mountain, and other such activities!

My first time wearing them!

My first time wearing them!

Sidewinding Circular Skates - Honestly, I got super excited and nerded out when I saw these skates. The impulsive buy was something that my wallet hated me for, but when they came in the mail, I got super excited to see them! So far, I have not been able to master these skates, but it’ll be my goal this summer to start using these for transportation as well as recreational use!

Fun Strolls - This is something my company Intelligent InSites has as a cultural tradition. Grab a coworker and take a walk. It can be anywhere! In the summer, we walked around Island Park and during the winter/rain, we walk in the Skyways connecting CoCo, Gate City Bank, the Radisson, and City Hall! Just taking 20 - 30 minutes to walk with a coworker/s and friends gives you more facetime, connections, and gets you moving! Lately, I’ve been neglecting myself and haven’t been fun strolling, but I will be making a commitment to do this more!

So there you have it, five specific things I will be doing this summer to improve my movement for this summer! It’s a lot to commit to, but I know that with each small decision I make to commit myself to moving, the more I will feel better about my own health, well-being, and keeping me active with the community, friendships, and more!

Do you have ideas or goals for movement this summer? Let me know in the comments! Got suggestions or questions? Reach out to me personally or post them here with the goals too!