Okay, so it’s been a super long time since I last blogged. I am pretty sure I made a commitment to blog at least once a week, and definitely failed at that. Whoops. I should reset expectations here. From going forward, at least once a month. Ideally 2 - 4 times a month I’ll be blogging, but the minimum will be one. Simply because I have been busy. Like, really busy.

What have I been doing? Lots really. Let me recap on some major areas.


My new startup hit two incredible milestones recently. The first being is that we released the first version of our app on iOS and Android! How exciting is that? I was behind the scenes of pushing out an app for people to use! At this time, it mirrors our web app, but having an app that just opens it up and allows you to Klink in a few seconds is a much better experience. The app is pretty MVP at this point, but we’re looking to expand capabilities as we receive feedback on its usage. Even Emerging Prairie gave us some coverage, so we're legit!

It's me, presenting at 1 Million Cups!

It's me, presenting at 1 Million Cups!

The second thing is my presentation at 1 Million Cups. This event is for the community of Fargo to come together (entrepreneurs, business folk, high schoolers, college students, and more) and listen to a new startup initiative pitch. Once this pitch has been presented, the community is engaged and asking questions about the startup. Their goal, is to try and poke holes and find areas of improvement and explore possible opportunities for that startup. What ended up happening for us is that we got a lot of validation and feedback about our idea! I got several contacts interested in utilizing Klink at their upcoming events and overall, the presentation and experience was incredible. I’ve never seen myself as a public speaker before, presenting to a huge crowd of people. However, I found I really enjoyed this. It was an eye opening experience for me as an individual, being able to try something I didn’t think I would be good at, and then getting complimented later on it. It’s an incredible feeling!


The Rival StarCraft II League concluded with its second season. This time, we had over 100 players participate in the qualifiers and only twelve of them advanced to the main event. From there, we invited the top four from the previous season and hosted a 16 player tournament in a GSL-like tournament experience.

It was rewarding to see how far we’ve advanced since Season 1. We got some casting talent in the NA scene to help out with our broadcasts (Shoutout to Feardragon, Droopy of Team Gravity, and Starlight of Team Ascension), a more consistent live broadcast schedule, and some of the top talent in the NA/EU scene to participate. In the span of two weeks, we were able to execute this tournament and got favorable reception in the scene. We did overlap with a couple of events, but for what it’s worth, we pulled off a successful season.

Thanks to our sponsors, we had a $600 prize pool. Those sponsors were BrawL eSports, Klink, IsIMBA, and Honey from Team Rival. With this amount of money, we were able to pay half of the players that participated in the main events (top 8)! In the future, we’ll be looking to have a similar prize pool and get some more sponsorship opportunities for Season 3. For that information, it will be TBD at this time. Stay tuned if you’re interested in Season 3 opportunities!


I’ve been captain-ing a Team in a local sports organization called Agassiz Athletics! Every Wednesday, we meet at Friendship Park (North Fargo) and play a game of kickball against one of the other three teams in our league. It’s a lot of fun to meet new people and get moving in a friendly environment! I can proudly say that our record is currently 0 and Fun! Seriously, we have a great team and we have a ton of fun on the field.


Recently, I hit my 1 year anniversary at Intelligent InSites and it’s been a moment of pride and reflection. I am truly blessed to be in an organization with the big ambitious goal of saving Healthcare. The hours haven’t been as wild as January and February, but there’s been a ton of work happening every day! Most notably, I received my certification for Lean Process Improvement. This involved being in a multiple day training session with a trainer who taught us the value of Lean Manufacturing and several take-aways we could use to improve how we do things at InSites! Taking this training only re-enforced values I already had expanded my viewpoint on efficiency and minimalism, which I will talk about later. During this training process, I was part of a group of six from different disciplines who created our own Kaizen project, a process improvement initiative to focus on collaboration with partner organizations. Long story short, we’ve been busy and we’re continuing to drive forward to meet our vision “To enrich life by transforming the healthcare experience.”

New Home

Well, maybe not a home, but it’s my new current residence. I moved into an apartment that is closer to work (still a distance, but much closer than Osgood -> Downtown). I am living with my roommate Chelsea and it’s been great so far! We’re still tidying up the place and such, but we’ve settled in for the most part. I am excited for the new internet connection (Thank you 702 Communications for the 50/35 mb connection!) and just having a smaller space in general. Less room to fill with stuff that doesn’t provide overall value.


Okay, so I’ve been lagging behind on this as well. I think I am 3 weeks behind, so I am slowly making my way back into the groove. Been eating out way too much for the comfort of my wallet. If you’re missing out on the fun, you can follow my Instagram where I try a new recipe each week and give a small section of introspection. You can see me try things like Beef Pot Roast, Chicken Marsala, and more! If you have recipe ideas for me to try, send them my way!

Value Added Experience Project

So, I’ve been terribly behind on blogging about this, so we’ll make this pretty quick. This month has been absolutely terrible for my finances.

As I have written in my original opening post, the month of June is dedicated towards evaluating the waste in my financial priorities (with the power of YNAB). Lately, my spending has been out of control, but not necessarily in a bad way. Just more of spending money in areas I didn’t expect too with the craziness that has been this past month. There WILL BE a blog post that will evaluate this, so I won’t touch on it too much.


So, I think I touched on briefly several areas of this past month and what I have been up to. It’s been incredibly busy and life changing! I know in months coming forward, I’ll be busy with everything going forward. I am excited for everything that has happened and the opportunities I have moving forward! Also, I am bad with blog post wrap ups, so, I leave you with several miscellaneous information.

  1. If you’re interested in using Klink for free at your upcoming event, please let me know!
  2. To use Klink, download our app on iOS or Android. Don’t have either of those mobile phones? Use our web app on our site to join in the fun!
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  5. If you want to meet for coffee or lunch, let me know! I’d be happy to do so!
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