So, I messed up. I was going through this whole blogging initiative on my search for value driven experiences (and consolidation) and I didn’t stick to my schedule! Now I am so far behind, it’d take too much time to catch up with the formal schedule. So what do I do now? Do I just move on? Do I try to feeble catch up and not do it? In a past life (actually, two weeks ago Jake) would have just given up blogging and walked away, only to come back to it a couple months later. But Today Jake is taking the opportunity to reflect on this inconsistency.

I feel disappointed in myself. It doesn’t feel good to make a promise to hypothetical internet people and then not deliver. That’s not the Jake Kohl way of doing things! So why do I suck so much at maintaining habits and content production?

So, there’s the idea of everyone is human, and to be human is to not be perfect and make mistakes, blah blah blah! Valid argument, doesn’t make me feel better. Well, how about that you’re involved with many other projects? Think about it!! You finished up Season 2 of the RSL recently, meeting people and pushing Klink out to the world, attending local community events, working a ton of hours at work! That sounds like a lot of work! Also a valid argument. It’s true, but that’s not the point. I made a commitment, and I didn’t fulfill it. I mean yeah, it’s a small commitment that only has sustained value for me at minimum, but there’s an underlying cause somewhere… right?

Okay, so when I think about my commitment to one blog post a week, I feel drained, overworked, dragging of feet, and all of the usual stuff. It’s a lot of work to do! But I feel a genuine want/desire to keep content up. So what can we do to solve this?

We’re going to commit to a Bullet Journal.

Wait, I’m going to fix a commitment by making another one? Yeah, I just said that. Everyone just read it. Now it’s out there.

So, the Bullet Journal. To sum up the summary video posted, you keep a running To-Do list, with different “bullets” (we’re talking like Microsoft Word bullets) which denotes tasks, notes, and events coming up. This way, you’re able to keep a running task list, reflect on your day, be flexible on pivoting moments while journaling, and still be able to commit to journaling.

I want to modify the method of the Bullet Journal to fit my needs, because I know it doesn’t fit what kind of content I want, but I think after going through the routine for it will help me decide how I want to adjust it. I want to track goals mindfulness as well, which I think can be done in the note style bullet points. We’ll see how it goes after a week or two of using it.

So, here’s your blog post. That’s one item checked off my list. In my new Bullet Journal, I got a blog post lined up to talk about my StrengthsFinder results! Oooooo!

Also worth noting: I am going to revamp my website, so if it looks super funny, don't worry, that was me doing something wrong!